Self Storage Rentals

The Space You Need, When You Need It.
Secure, Affordable and Accessible 24/7/365.

Queen City Self Storage is a leader in providing self storage solutions. Whether you need to store personnel belongings, business records or inventory, vehicles or other treasures, you’ll find our storage spaces give you the options you need.

Our professional on-site management team will show you all the benefits available with Queen City Self Storage including:

  • Low monthly rates on month-to-month storage.
  • Long term and Pay-in-Advance discounts available.
  • Student and Senior discounts offered.
  • Autopay and Pay Online available.
  • Computer control entrance gives you total access 24/7.
  • Clean, dry, well-lit and secure – Only you have access through our secure locking system.
  • Commercial deliveries are accepted.

Climate Controlled Units

Indoor climate controlled storage units are available at our Red Bank location. We make protecting valuable documents, photographs and other possessions easy! Contact us for sizes and availability.

8 Storage Sizes Available

Selecting the right size is important. Too big and you are overpaying, too small and you can’t properly store your items. Here are some guidelines to help you and our on-site team can give help you make your decision. 

5′ x 5‘ — Consider this a large closet that can store seasonal items, holiday decorations, sporting equipment, boxes and small furniture items.

5′ x 10‘ — The contents from one room in your home generally fit in this space. Perfect when you are remodeling or need to store items between moves.

5′ x 15‘ — Two rooms of furnishings will usually fit in this space, including sofas, chairs and dressers.

10′ x 10‘ — Three rooms of furnishings including appliances will fit in this space. Perfect for storage during a move.

10′ x 15‘ — Four rooms of furnishings will fit in this space.  Your furniture, TVs, rugs, lamps and boxed items are all in one secure place.

10′ x 20‘ — Five rooms of furnishings will usually fit in this space. This is a good choice if you are building a new home and need temporary space.  

10′ x 25‘ — Six rooms of furnishing will usually fit in this space. Oversized furniture items, garage items and even patio furniture can all be in one place. 

10′ x 30‘ — Perfect for most cars, small trucks, motorcycles or ATVs and small boats. Store at Queen City Self Storage during the off season or when you need an extra space to park. (For RVs and large boats, see Outdoor Storage for more information.)

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